Cicero Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy team uses an attentive, one-on-one approach with a focus on fast recovery.

The human body is almost like a machine with its joints and muscles. Constant motion ensures that it is put to good use.

Physical Therapy more commonly referred to as Physiotherapy has innumerable benefits worth mentioning. We at Cermak Immediate Care undertake Physiotherapy by combining home based as well as clinic based solutions. Post-operative rehabilitation, acute or chronic pain, back pain or work related injury are a few areas where Physical therapy has proven itself to be most beneficial for speedy recovery. But the patients we mostly encounter are Orthopaedic and Neurological and we have received positive reviews from almost all of them. Our Physical Therapy sessions are simple and mostly personal sessions that are guaranteed to bring out marvellous results. Along with regular clinical visits, we also offer tailor-made home-care sessions. Be it physical injuries, muscle/joint pain, dizziness/vestibular ailments, pregnancy pain, Lymphedema or Neurological disorders, our sessions have had a 100% success rate. Our Physical Therapy clinic has gentle and skilled therapists along with state-of-the-art equipment. Cermak Immediate Care been a highly recommended Physical Therapy provider for quite some time. With a keen determination to set you right, we will strive to heal you completely of injury and leave you fit and strong to resume work and daily activities in no time. There is also a brand new health and wellness centre here at Cermak for light to moderate exercising along with various physical pursuits. Physical intervention or Physical medicine has been known to remedy impairments and stimulate movement through light mechanical force.