Cicero Work Injury Treatment

Work must essentially be stimulating and safe. What isn’t safe must be insured. We are here to care for you as you work to care for your loved ones every single day.

Cermak Immediate Care provides Workman’s Compensation healthcare to those injured or have taken ill on their job. We are the right healthcare experts for all under the Workman’s Compensation. Our physicians have been specifically trained to handle situations of work-related illnesses/injury. We have all the tools and resources necessary to obtain immediate medical help for Workman’s Compensation. Do not hesitate to call in Cermak Immediate Care for yourself or your loved ones. We not only care for you but we also provide medical assistance to your loved ones as well. Even if you do return to work but haven’t fully recovered, Cermak Immediate Care will continue to provide medical attention until the time that you have completely recovered. While we are not involved and do not handle any legal courses of action but all of the medical services will be completely taken care of. You can be rest assured of obtaining the best treatment for your injury and a complete progressive recovery. We know how important your work is and we make no exceptions in ensuring that you are fully capable of returning back to work or to take up any kind of work in the future. While you constantly ensure that your claims are all being reimbursed at the right moment, we fulfil all your medical needs.