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We are here to perform all Physicals required for your official work at a fast, easy and convenient pace.

Immigration Physicals:

Cermak Immediate Care performs physical examinations required for various Immigration Services like application of citizenship, permanent residency or VISA. Immigration Physicals are mostly required in a rush and you can walk-in at Cermak to get fast, complete physicals done by a civil surgeon.

DOT Physicals:

DOT Physical exams are conducted at Cermak Immediate Care for your Driver's License applications. The physicians performing the exams are all certified DOT examiners. DOT exams are conducted at Cermak alongside a laboratory that offers drug testing quickly, easily and at a reasonable price.

School Physicals:

At Cermak Immediate Care, we perform School Physical tests aimed at making parents aware of important health issues about their children and for schools to determine whether a particular student is capable of participating in certain sports and activities and if he/she is healthy and free from sickness. We have board-certified physicians who will be performing the test and who will review medical history of the child along with conducting physical examinations and providing a complete overview to the school regarding the child's medical condition.

Work Physicals:

Work Physicals are a way for companies and organizations to ensure that employees are physically capable of performing tasks and that they are not suffering from diseases. We provide Work Physical test services according to the nature of employment for one or a large group of employees. Cermak Immediate Care understands your business and we undertake medical examinations at a controlled cost and within strict schedules.

Pre-Employment Physicals:

Pre-Employment Physicals are being increasingly demanded by most companies and organizations as a part of the hiring process to ensure employees being hired are up for the job. Cermak Immediate Care performs Pre-Employment Physicals according to the nature of employment along with appropriate certifications that will prevent companies from forcing work that are deemed harmful for the employee.

Life Insurance Physicals:

Cermak Immediate Care undertakes Life Insurance Physicals, the outcome of which is kept under strict confidentiality between you and your Insurance Company. Most of the Life Insurance Companies demand a medical examination along with application for Life Insurance, which is where Cermak Immediate Care comes into picture.

Executive Physicals:

Executive Physical Examination at Cermak Immediate Care is conducted by top medical professionals who will perform a thorough examination of your entire body system for the purpose of granting lifelong health and comfort.