From injuries and illnesses to physicals and immunizations, we are the one-stop, affordable solution for your health care needs. Walk ins welcomed! We treat most non-life-threatening injuries for including:

Injuries - Broken Bones, Burns, Eye and Ear Injuries, Hand and Foot Injuries, Lacerations and Open Wounds, Wound Care. X-Rays & Diagnostics - Digital X-Ray System, EKG, Slit Lamp Machine, Audiogram, Spirometer.

Emergency can occur at the most inopportune moments and we can never be fully prepared for what lies ahead. Hence, it is only fitting that timely medical care is available at a stone's throw away at all times.

Immediate Care at Cermak treats cuts, broken bones, and high fever with ease and subtlety. We work to get you out of immediate danger and also provide occupational health care. Our urgent care facility is based on the cornerstones of dedication, quality and speedy treatment. Walk-ins are given due importance here at Cermak Immediate care for you and your family.

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