About Us

Take the first step towards good health and illness-free living at our immediate care clinic.

Superior medical care comes from a fast, effective and economical approach.

Good treatment begins from genuine empathy towards a person's plight and suffering.

Your ordeal ends at Cermak Immediate care. Aspire to achieve a life devoid of disease through early detection.

Reach out to us for the best possible treatment and alleviate your pain and discomfort. We all know how important immediate care is outside of an Emergency Room. Medical situations may arise out of nowhere and on more than one occasion crop up unexpectedly. Cermak Immediate care is a dedicated urgent care facility focussed on treating injuries and illnesses that need immediate attention but which are not necessarily life-threatening. Cermak Immediate care is open and available 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week. You simply can walk in to receive immediate attention for a wide range of illnesses. Cermak Immediate care is situated at a convenient location and is accessible to all major bus routes and expressways. You can count on us whenever your family faces bouts of fever, other diseases or even injury and fractures. We have done away with having to wait for long durations and in endless queues just to obtain an appointment. By making medical services so readily available, we hope to care for each patient with tender compassion and concern. Apart from small illnesses like Fever and Flu, we also handle preventive healthcare and major diseases as long as no life-threatening situation arises. Every single patient that walks through our doors is given equal and utmost importance despite being a first time visitor or a regular to our clinic. Our clinic is always manned by a physician throughout the day and we are available even during weekends, national and public holidays. What sets us apart from the Emergency Room is faster, less-expensive service and not to mention individual attention. Our physicians are mostly from ERs or have had prior experience in the ER. Now you will no longer hesitate to ask for our services since we are so moderately priced. The most tedious task of availing medical care is having to wait for endless hours. But at Cermak Immediate care you have the option of same day care as well as you can seek an appointment according to your schedule and convenience. Recommend Cermak Immediate Care to your friends and family and you can be rest assured that they won't face disappointment. Our highly experienced doctors will create a tailor made personalized medical care plan after hearing out your concerns in vivid detail. We have worked hard to create the sophisticated treatment facilities available in an ER minus the long wait and high cost. A warm and comfortable atmosphere has been created to make patients feel closer to home and almost as if they were being treated by a loving parent. People from all age groups right from children over 12 months of age to senior citizens are cared for and treated at Cermak Immediate care. Equipped with the latest medical procedures and technology, Cermak Immediate care is sure to bring an end to your worrisome days.