Cicero STD Testing

Blood Glucose, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP), Drug Screen, Total Cholesterol, HIV, Rapid Influenza (Flu), Mono, Rapid Strep.

HIV Testing must not be treated with fear and apprehension but must be included as a normal part of health care.

HIV Testing at Cermak Immediate Care is fast, painless and most importantly confidential. Most people have absolutely no clue that they are HIV positive for several years and it is very important to know your status as soon as possible. Early detection can prolong life expectancy through early medication. Regular testing is also available for every time you suspect risk as a means to keep yourself healthy and aware. It is essential that you know about your HIV status because this will allow you to keep a tab on your sexual health. You will be able to get treatment at the right time and you can protect others from contracting it. This way you are contributing to the community and the society at large by being responsible. The HIV Testing centre at Cermak has blood draw and rapid detection of both HIV1 and HIV2 in less than 20 minutes. Post detection, regular consultations and follow up is also provided. If a person is detected as positive, our designated health care providers will begin a series of questions about previous partners for the sole purpose of offering testing services known as partner notification. This is purely voluntary, of course. HIV testing at the right time prevents the development of AIDS. If you have the slightest hunch of being infected, do not hesitate to get yourself tested at our Immediate Care Clinic. All testing is done in a safe and sterilized environment.