Cicero Women's Health

A family can only be truly prosperous as long as its women are healthy, happy and strong.

We have combined gynaecological and obstetric solutions to create a complete Women's Health care at Cermak Immediate Clinic. Women are most sensitive and sometimes certain conditions in Women occur differently or may exclusively develop. We have an all-female staff in our Women's Health wing including Gynaecologists, Nurses and Nurse staff who have had a good experience in Gynaecology to make you feel comfortable and more open to express your feelings and discomfort. No matter what the situation, we communicate in crisp and clear terms and all our practitioners have the friendliest of demeanours to tackle your problems with ease as long as your condition will not in any way pose a threat to life. Women's problems are quite set apart from the ordinary in that it can be a bit hard to explain why and what is causing you discomfort. We leave no stone unturned in completely understanding your plight and uprooting it. Women's bodies are different from that of men in many different ways and our doctors have been provided with this gender-based difference that they will keep in mind during examination and prescription. Women from all stages of life will benefit from our Women's Health circle. We have expert guidance on gynaecology, obstetrics, sexual health, contraception, menstrual problems etc. Our approach is first to educate you about the various options available and then consider your needs before prescribing a course of action. Health maintenance tests are conducted from time to time which are custom made for women along with family planning and prenatal care.