Tips for Avoiding Asthma Triggers

Tips for Avoiding Asthma Triggers

Asthma can be a real challenge to live with. You may find out that your asthma gets triggered by seemingly simple things, often in response to what you encounter in your environment. 

If you’re struggling to manage your asthma, our team at Cermak Immediate Care can help. While certain medications can reduce your asthma triggers, there’s still more you can do to ward off an asthma attack.

Understanding asthma

Asthma is a chronic condition that causes your airways to become inflamed. Common symptoms of an asthma attack may include:

These symptoms may be worse in the morning or at night.

Common triggers for asthma attacks

Certain factors can play a role in triggering asthma attacks, including:

People who have allergies are also more likely to experience asthma attacks. If you have a personal history of allergies, you may have an asthma attack in response to a trigger even if you have never had one before. 

If you do have asthma, it’s not uncommon for it to get worse over time.

How to prevent asthma attacks

If you have frequent asthma attacks, we provide guidance on how to prevent them. Fortunately, certain medications can manage your asthma. 

Controller medications must be taken every day for the long-term to reduce the frequency of your asthma attacks. In addition, we may prescribe fast-acting, short-term emergency medications, such as inhalers of corticosteroids. When used on an as-needed “rescue” basis, they can provide immediate relief.

Managing your triggers

Even asthma that’s managed with medication can still be triggered, causing your asthma to flare up. That’s why you still need to take a proactive role in avoiding triggers.

Some of the action steps you can take include:

If you’re having trouble managing your triggers, it’s possible that your asthma may be worsening. Don’t let asthma attacks affect your quality of life. Reach out to our friendly office staff today to book an appointment at Cermak Immediate Care. Contact us by phone or online

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